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Shick Solutions Joins Breteche Group

Shick Solutions Joins Breteche Group


Kansas City, Mo. (July 29, 2016) – Shick Solutions, a Kansas City, Mo.-based ingredient automation company, joined Breteche Industrie Group, a global company with eight plants located in France, Germany and the Czech Republic that focus on the baking, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets. The company’s most well-known brands include mixing companies Diosna and VMI, as well as ingredient handling company Esteve.

Shick Solutions’ operating shareholders Joe, Mark and Matt Ungashick, all sons of founder William Ungashick, had no official plans to sell the business, yet when approached by Breteche, saw a great opportunity for the business by becoming part of the group. The acquisition provides mutual benefits in terms of technology, expertise, geography and culture for both companies.

“In Breteche Group, we saw a way to secure the future for our employees and the legacy of our company far beyond the family ownership of the company,” said Joe Ungashick, CEO.

Mark and Matt Ungashick voiced their agreement and added that they appreciate the small-company customer service-oriented culture within the Breteche Group.

“It was very important to us that the company be able to carry on its mission of delivering the ingredients for success to its customers, teammates and partners,” said Mark Ungashick, executive vice president.

For Breteche, the acquisition brings the company a base of operations in North America for sales, technical support and aftermarket service. In addition to better serving existing customers, Breteche will be able to expand its supply of complete dough make-up solutions in the North American market.

“As a global company, we have long wanted to increase our presence in North America,” said Didier Soumet, CEO of the Breteche Group. “By acquiring Shick, not only will we have a strong base of operations in the United States to support our brands, but we will also have a partner that is closely tied to and aligned with the food industry there.”

An important synergy is the future partnership between Shick and Esteve, whose corporate headquarters and manufacturing are based in France. Shick and Esteve will work together to enhance their ability to supply ingredient handling systems to a global customer base. The combined companies will operate manufacturing plants in North America and Europe and will implement both Rockwell and Siemens system control platforms.

As a member of the Breteche Group, Shick will be well positioned to continue its vision as the leading supplier of ingredient handling systems to the industries it serves.

“I am excited about this opportunity as it enhances our pursuit of world-class practices in process solutions,” said Tim Cook, Shick Solutions president. “Additionally, it will give us a platform from which we can continue to expand globally. Truly, this integration secures our future in the industry and allows us to better support the customers we serve.”

Going forward, Shick will operate with its own leadership team under Breteche. Joe and Mark Ungashick will take advisory board roles, while Matt Ungashick will continue his role as a key account manager. Cook will take on responsibilities as CEO of Shick Solutions and become part of the Breteche management team along with the leaders of the other Breteche companies.

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Shick Solutions, headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., is a complete ingredient automation solution provider. Shick designs, manufactures, installs and services ingredient automation systems for customers worldwide. For more information, visit

About Breteche

The Breteche Industrie Group is an industrial supplier group of equipment for manufacturing food, chemicals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. The Breteche Industrie Group includes companies which are leaders in their market, designing, studying, executing and commissioning of equipment for production, from traditional to industrial.

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